Welcome to Johnson County Public Health

85 Klondike Drive, Buffalo, WY 82834  

268 Nolan Ave, Kaycee, WY 82639  
(Call the Buffalo Office to make appointments)

Welcome to Johnson County Public Health, where our mission is to protect and enhance the health and well being of all Johnson County citizens.  We are committed to:

  • Preventing the spread of Disease
  • Preventing injuries
  • Promoting healthy behavior
  • Increasing access to healthcare
  • Helping people find the services they need
  • Protecting against environmental hazards
  • Working with the Wyoming Department of Health to improve training, quality of services and special programs

With offices in Buffalo and Kaycee, our services are geared to the well being of individuals of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.  We believe that an informed and prepared community is a happy and healthy one, which is why we are committed to providing educational services on a wide range of issues, from family planning and childbirth classes to emergency preparedness.  We offer adult vaccinations and childhood immunizations, flu shots, and general safety training and support.  Best of all, our services are never dependent on income or insurance status.  While we gladly accept donations, we never turn anyone away for an inability to pay.

Johnson County Public Health had rather humble beginnings. In August of 1978, we opened an 800 square foot office with one bathroom and a dirt basement. Our annual budget was just shy of $12,000 so we could only afford one nurse and one secretary; that first year, we administered just 500 shots.

Since then, our facilities — and our services — have expanded greatly to meet the needs of the community. In 2008, almost 30 years to the date of our initial opening, we moved into our new building with 3,000 square feet to call our own. We now have three nurses and a secretary on staff, and the number of shots administered annually is now around 2,000. We also now have an office in Kaycee, allowing us to serve even more residents of Johnson County.

Johnson County Public Health Staff

  • Kristin Friedrich RN — Nursing Manager
  • Robin King — Support Staff, Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Johnson County Prevention Specialist

  • Bill Hawley

Johnson County Board of Health

  • William J. Novotny, III, Chair
  • Dr. Dwayne Christensen, DVM
  • Dr. Brian Cotant, DDS
  • Commissioner Bob Perry
  • Commissioner Jeff Shelley

Johnson County Health Officer

  • Dr. Mark Schueler, MD